ChemIndustrial Liquid Blending Systems

Liquid blending systems

Proportional Blending System

Blending module feeds one ingredient in proportion to the flow of a master stream
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In fluid processing, the term "blending" refers to the combining of two or more process fluids, in-line, into a single output stream. Usually, but not always, blending is done as a continuous process in closed pipework.

Blending is often contrasted with "batching" which is the accumulation of controlled quantities of one or more process materials into one or more vessels.

Visit ChemIndustrial Batching Systems to learn more about our batching system capabilities.

ChemIndustrial builds complete skid-mounted blending systems to satisfy a wide range of customer requirements. Each system uses a customized combination of ChemIndustrial's innovative liquid handling methods to achieve the intended blending purpose.

Some of these innovative techniques use centrifugal pumps to perform volumetric metering tasks that would otherwise require piston or diaphragm pumps. The high reliability and low cost of centrifugal pump-based flow metering systems often make these a better choice than traditional positive displacement pumps for the blending systems we design. But we readily use positive displacement pumps where they are clearly the most appropriate devices for a particular blending task.

Simple blending systems

Some ChemIndustrial blending systems use simple mechanical devices such as venturis, self-acting pressure controllers and in-line flow control devices. ChemIndustrial can often satisfy a customer's blending requirements with systems like this without needing electronic controls. Some of these systems take advantage of existing flow sources to avoid the need to install any prime mover within the blending system.


ChemIndustrial builds blending systems as skid-mounted modules. The modules for relatively small blending systems are built in stainless steel frames that look similar to portable generator frames.

Typically, one blending module handles 1 or 2 streams and includes sensors, pumps, valves and control elements. If the system has more blend streams, we add more modules. This modular approach allows easy scale-up and retrofitting of blending systems to any level of size and complexity.

Usually, all modules are installed together as a central blending station. Alternatively, our modular approach allows blending skids to be distributed throughout the customer's plant.

If the system is controller-based, ChemIndustrial provides an intelligent blend controller on each skidded module. Multiple blend modules are coordinated via a control network that unifies all of the individual blend controllers into a single system. Monitoring nodes can be added to the network for control room or other remote service.


Over the years we have tackled some unusual blending system requirements. Some of these:

We have designed any number of configurations to satisfy the multitude of special blending problems presented by customers for industrial, lab and agricultural projects.

Blending system questionnaire

ChemIndustrial works quickest, cheapest and best when it is able to use its own proprietary blending technology and equipment to satisfy a functional description of a customer's required blending operation. Use the ChemIndustrial blending system questionnaire below to provide us with a functional description of your blending requirements.

PDF Icon Blending system questionnaire [.pdf, 169kb]

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